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2007/11/20 ENACTIVE 07 Poster Presentaion
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2006/12/14 Monaco Dance Forum 2006 Oral Presentation
2006/11/28 Cyberworlds 2006 Oral Presentation


We have worked on processing of dance motion 3D data since 2000.

We are developing a motion 3D database for dance movement and developing web-based software systems for choreography which can be used on the Web. Motion capture systems were used to acquire the fundamental data from the performances of professional ballet dancers.

You can try the Java applet, which is called "Web3D Dance Composer, version 3.1." The new archive includes 215 basic ballet steps, currently. (2004-07-05)

The purposes of this project are:

  • to analyze ballet movements and poses with 3D motion data,
  • to build a 3D motion data archive which collects basic ballet steps,
  • to develop a web-based interactive dance simulation system for ballet,
  • to develop an automatic choreography system for ballet.
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