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Method of Capturing

We gathered the ballet 3D motion data using motion capture systems. We used both magnetic motion capture system and optical one. Using two different types was good trial, because we had to think about data standardization.

We captured from the real performance of professional female dancers. One of them is Ms. Yurie Shinohara, who is a permanent guest principal of Scottish Ballet. Here is she.

The raw data need to be transformed into VRML format. We prepared original hierarchical skeleton system which complies basically with VRML H-anim standard. H-anim has three level of architecture, but we reconstructed into 16 joints and 20 segments. We parallelized the raw data to our skeleton.

Scene of Capturing

Ms. Yurie Shinohara dances "Amour Dance" in classical ballet work "Don Quixote" for 3D data capturing.

We used magnetic motion capture system in this case. The stage is very small, actually 4 x 4 meters, therefore it was difficult for her to dance perfectly. Moreover she had to wear the radio pack on her back, as you see.

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